Art is for Everybody! The thinking behind our “pay what you choose” events.

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The thing we love about the exploding popularity of “painting parties” is that people are taking art over. Everyone can be an artist now. And why not?? Art is a universal human activity and need. Art belongs to all of us!

Art shouldn’t be the exclusive property of fancy galleries and the few who can afford high prices. You don’t have to be a rare and special genius to make it. Those are lies told by those who want to keep it expensive and get rich off it. It’s scummy marketing for investors chasing maximum profits.

So why do we ever charge for our painting parties and other art events? We wish we didn’t have to. We want an economy where everyone contributes what they can, and everyone’s needs are met, where money is not a factor. Maybe someday! Meanwhile, we have to pay the rent and make a living.

But we also know that for many, there is no surplus. When the choice is food or art, food wins. But at the same time, we believe that art shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone in our community.

One small thing we can do is offer painting for people to pay whatever they can or choose. So we’re doing that, during open studio 7-10 pm on the last Thursday of each month. We provide all materials and supplies for a painting on 16"x20" canvas, plus assistance as needed. Payment on these days is cash only and anonymous (you put it in a locked box), so no one’s financial situation is exposed. Pay a lot, a little, or nothing – and unleash your creative spirit!


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