Don't miss July ArtWalk - next Saturday!


We're really excited for ArtWalk next Saturday -- it's shaping up to be fabulous!!


Arts & Crafts Social Club presents Open Studio & Pop-Up Gallery at The Hive during MASS District's July ArtWalk!

6-10 p.m. Saturday July 29.

Some of the activities you'll experience include:

* Social coloring of original line art: free
* Painting Challenge (randomly assigned topics & colors): $20
* Sign a banner for the neighborhood, sponsored by Doubletime Digital and Blick
* Fabulous Italian food truck Cucina Bambina Inc
* Music by Volksmuzik DJ
* Pop-Up Gallery Art Exhibition (details below)
* Visit our Hive neighbors BeerCo, Red Pearl Yoga, Bean to Brew, and Glitch Bar!
* Check out the rest of the venues, events and presentations of ArtWalk including Secret Garden, Light Up the Night, Art Attack, Great Project, Flagler Uptown and FAT Village!

The pop-up gallery will feature the work of several local artists:

Paper architectural sculpture art by Christina Lihan
Christina Lihan
Christina Lihan creates architectural reliefs by intricately hand cutting paper. Formally trained as an architect, she has turned her talents from the built form to sculpting paper into architecture. Her works are sculptural, three-dimensional reliefs of skyscrapers, cityscapes, historic buildings, and European and American landmarks. She carves, cuts, scores, bends and folds watercolor paper by hand to form facades that come alive with shadows, texture, light and details.
Facebook: christina.lihan


Acrylic painting by Cristina Casellas
Cristina Lynn Casellas
Cristina is a Jewish-Cuban American artist from Hollywood, FL. She is in her final semesters as a student at FAU pursuing a Bachelors of Visual Arts degree. Her interests include painting, crocheting, playing ukulele and eating delicious food. In her current series, Cristina is depicting the importance of food in her life. She says, “Food represents family, memories, emotions and most importantly, myself. Being of two dominant cultures instilled a love for all kinds of foods and an emphasis of family bonding through a great meal.”
Instagram: @hollyhood_cristi


Artwork by Ruth Burotte
Ruth Burotte
Ruth is a young and upcoming artist whose work ranges from digital media to public art and murals. She says, "Using technology and public spaces to create art has guided me to seeing infinite possibilities that inspired me to chart my own course of success and become an entrepreneur. I am drawn to this idea of the merging of creativity and commerce. In my work I use a unique illustrative, semi-realistic style, with vibrant, highly saturated colors, interesting characters and subjects that place emphasis on drama and tension. I am inclined to create works that look like a still point in time, like a scene in an animated film. I want to explore new horizons and build a firm foundation with my art so I could show the world my fullest potential."
Instagram: @rutamfi


Artwork by Nikki Rye
Nikki Rye
Nikki is an illustrator, graphic designer, and poet originally born in Fort Lauderdale but has several cities she calls home. Her visceral, whimsical illustrations reflect her childhood and the darkness of growing up with a dash of absurdity. Currently, she is creating a full folk punk animal tarot deck.
Instagram: @dumpster_fruit

Acrylic painting by Rafael Carniero
Rafael Carneiro
Rafael, 27, a Fort Lauderdale native of Brazilian heritage, likes painting animals, faces, and the ocean (waves to be specific). He's been painting with acrylic on and off for several years, and has recently intensified his focus on it.
Instagram: @rafiki_art_


Acrylic painting by Katt Watts
Katt Watts

Katt, a Fort Lauderdale native, describes herself as a movement artist. A lifetime lover of all the arts, she became a certified yogi, and a paddleboarding, aerialist, and visual art instructor. From sketchpad to canvas, jewelry and clothing design, to dance on land, water and in the air, she consistently seeks an element of excitement in life.


Acrylic painting by Christopher Burns
Christopher Burns

Chris, a truck driver hailing from New Jersey, fell in love with Florida and moved down in 2005. He has written a children’s book ("Songbird, Fly!”). Experience in interior construction and his longtime hobby of rebuilding motorcycles has given him mastery in working with materials like wood and metal. He's recently begun exploring acrylic painting with a series of recycled canvases painted black.
Instagram: @berniechristo


Acrylic painting by Stephanie McMillan
Stephanie McMillan

Stephanie is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator, whose published work includes two children’s books, three graphic novels, and editorial cartoons in hundreds of publications worldwide (including the South Florida Sun-Sentinel). Stephanie earned a BFA at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She will be showing cartoon prints and recent acrylic paintings.
Instagram: @artsandcraftssocialclub


ArtWalk activity: signing and writing positive messages on a banner for the neighborhood 

The front door of the studio, at 902 N. Flagler Drive.  The studio parking lot entrance

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