Everyone is inherently creative

creativity philosophy

The creative drive is part of being human. We may believe that creativity is expressed only through the formal arts, but that's just a tiny part of it. We are creative in infinite ways, through all our activities. We love to do things, to make things, to be involved in the evolution of things. Whether it's cooking, teaching words to a child, fixing a motorcycle, performing a job, choosing what to wear, or planting a garden, creativity infuses our entire existence.

However, many of us are taught that creativity requires special talent possessed only by certain individuals. We are made to believe that we "can't" sing, paint, draw or whatever else. And it's true that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. But we CAN do all of these things if we want to, and if we try, and if we aren't too judgemental with ourselves -- if we stop trying to conform to someone else's standards, and just enjoy the process.

The painting and crafts events at our studio are one of many means for you to get in touch with parts of yourself you may not have known before. They are a way to become familiar with the materials and methods of new forms of expression. May they serve as a gateway into future explorations.

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