Getting the studio ready

We signed our lease in February, got all our licensing in order, and now we're laser-focused on putting the final touches on the studio for our Grand Opening on May 13 -- just a little over a week away!

We love our space! Just under 1000 square feet, it feels both open and warm at the same time. During the last two months we painted, made shelves and put in counters and tables, added a cooler for refreshments, put art up everywhere, and stocked up on supplies. Our landlord installed great new windows and doors, and had the floor finished with a cool-looking thick gloss over raw cement.

Here's where we started:

The giant mirror along one wall was left by someone who ran a gym there. We met him at our first Art Walk when he stopped by.

The front along Flagler Drive, pre-mural and pre-door/window replacement.

Re-purposed former restaurant chairs we bought at Maltese & Co.

We sat outside taking in the scene during the March MASS district's Art Walk.

The Hive, the complex we're part of, is being painted all over by mural artist Herbert Galarza


...and here's where we are now:

New trees, mural being worked on, and we're deciding on a more permanent replacement for the paper sign.

Art displayed on our walls, and all set up for a painting party! A few more touches and we'll be ready to open! We're so excited, and can't wait to share our space with more people who love art and want to make it together!


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