Painting Music with Our Hands

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I love experimenting with art, trying out new materials and techniques. A few months ago I tried finger-painting with paint made for kids, and it wasn’t that great. The process didn’t excite me, and neither did the results. It all felt limited and shallow. Last night I tried it again with acrylic paints, and it was a totally different experience. I was listening to some loud Vanessa Daou, and thought of the Empire character Lucious painting the music he saw. I can’t see music, but I let my hands follow it anyway, moving to the rhythm and adding colors that felt like they matched the mood of the songs. At first I hesitated getting my hands really into the paint, but then relaxed and went with it. Within a minute I started feeling nothing less than ecstatic. It felt like painting music!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would get into this, and I’d love for everyone to have a chance to experience it. We’re going to offer it as an event in February. Since not everyone has the same musical tastes, we could have every participant send in the songs they want, and make a collective playlist. We’ll play it loud! (Steph)

Here's another one -- I wanted to try something a bit more figurative:

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