What is Meditation Painting?

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Meditation painting is about process more than result. We focus on what happens for us as we create them, rather than the appearance of the final product (though these paintings do look pretty cool!) Our process for these paintings is making many small, repetitive gestures on a plain field of color.

These sessions are intended to be calming, relaxing, and grounding in physicality, in the body, while the mind calms down and becomes focused and centered.

We hold them on Sunday mornings, a good time to reflect upon a week that’s wrapping up, and to ready ourselves to face the upcoming one.

These paintings take approximately two hours, more or less depending on the pace you set. We enjoy making them while listening to the rhythmic beats of accompanying music.

We have chosen colors that feel compatible with the subjects, but you can choose any colors that speak to your own intuition. During any Sunday morning session, you can follow along with the suggested Meditation Painting made by the instructor, or make any variation that is most meaningful to you at that time.



When the gesture is a circle, it can remind us that we are inextricably connected with everything and everyone, and that we are whole and complete just as we are. Suggested colors: off-white ground with black/brown gestures.

When the gesture is a wing, it can encourages us to transcend our limitations, to embark upon our journey, and to move through life with enthusiasm. Suggested colors: blue ground and metallic brass gestures.

When the gesture is a question mark, it can remind us to be open to the mystery of the universe, and to let go of pre-conceptions. Suggested colors: fluorescent orange ground with black gestures.

When the gesture is a wave, it can inspire us to think about the rhythms of life, to ride its ebbs and flows with equanimity. Suggested colors: turquoise ground with purple gestures.

When the gestures are small lines, they can embolden us to reinforce our own integrity, to be self-assertive, and to remain solid on our chosen path. Suggested colors: white ground with black gestures.

When the gesture is a spiral, it can urge us to advance, to make progress, to transform ourselves. Suggested colors: light green ground with dark green gestures.

When the gestures are leaves, they remind us to venerate the life force in everything, and to protect the natural world. Suggested colors: light green ground with dark green gestures.

When the gesture is an X, it can support us as we let go of what doesn’t serve us well, reject toxicity, and overcome the past. Suggested colors: fluorescent pink with dark red gestures.

When the gestures are flames, they push us to tap into our passions, to meet life with enthusiasm and vigor. Suggested colors: yellow ground with orange/red gestures.


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