Everything for Everyone (print it yourself)

Everything for Everyone (print it yourself)

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This is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for you to print yourself at the link above. It is a jpg file sized for up to ledger-size (11”x17″) paper or cardstock.

Artist commentary:

Private ownership and monopolizing of the means of living is a recent social construct that has no legitimacy. It's an absurdity, an ultra-violent crime of mass murder. We've been indoctrinated for generations to accept domination and call it freedom. The natural world gives to one another. Our separation from that web of reciprocity was/is massively wrong. We need to repair our relationship with Earth, with everyone in the largest sense.

Creative Commons license:

Permission is given for any personal individual and/or grassroots (non-institutional) collective use, as long as you don’t alter it in any way, misrepresent its origins, sell it, or make money from it.