Defend the Sacred (print it yourself)

Defend the Sacred (print it yourself)

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Defend the Sacred


This is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for you to print yourself at the link above. It is a jpg file sized for up to ledger-size (11”x17″) paper or cardstock.

Artist commentary:

This was created in response to the EPA’s 2020 decision to transfer dredge and fill permitting authority to the state of Florida, a move that makes the Everglades more vulnerable to capitalist predation, undermines tribal sovereignty and diminishes the size of tribal lands. The phrase “Defend the Sacred” is inspired by a prayer walk planned to educate and defend the land from this atrocity. Let us all heed the call to “warrior up” made by Betty Osceola, “a Miccosukee Grandmother who defends the future generations & Mother Earth’s right to exist.”

Creative Commons license:

Permission is given for any personal individual and/or grassroots (non-institutional) collective use, as long as you don’t alter it in any way, misrepresent its origins, sell it, or make money from it.