Please email for quantity discounts and ordering information.

Prices of paintings:

The prices of paintings are determined by size: $1 per square inch. An extra $200 is incorporated into the prices of large paintings to cover extra packing and shipping costs.

Reprint rights and copyright:

* Some of the work here is licensed as Creative Commons (when indicated on the product page). For these works, permission is given for any personal and/or grassroots collective (non-institutional) use, as long as you don’t alter it in any way, sell it or make money from it. You don't need to ask; use it freely. Credit and/or a link to this site is appreciated. 

* For all other conditions and for all work not marked CC: the work is under copyright, protected by international copyright law. All rights are reserved. Usage, alteration or reproduction of the artwork is not permitted without permission of the artist.

* At this time, with a few possible exceptions, we are not offering to sell or give reprint rights to commercial and/or institutional enterprises (including formal non-profits). For other requests, please contact: hello@stephaniemcmillan.org