"Resistance to Ecocide" (digital file - PDF) *Payment is optional*
"Resistance to Ecocide" (digital file - PDF) *Payment is optional*
digital file

"Resistance to Ecocide" (digital file - PDF) *Payment is optional*

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This is a digital file, a low-resolution pdf (46 MB)

164 pages, full color. 8.5"x11"

You can pay an optional payment of $5 (which supports my ability to make a living from art/writing) by going through the checkout process. As a separate action (whether or not you contribute funds), you can download the book through this link (it will not be emailed to you): 



Most appropriate for adults, young adults and teens (contains a lot of political discussion and difficult situations).

The first edition of my fictional graphic novel was published in 2013 by Seven Stories Press. I drew the comic strips that comprised it for United Media and Universal Uclick from 2010-2012. The story evolved as events and people in real life impacted my views at the time. Recently I bought the rights back so I could change a few things and self-publish a new edition. (The changes didn't impact the plot, which remains the same). I also added a new Preface, and a sarcastic news feed that runs throughout.


Capitalism is killing Earth. A small group of friends seek (and argue about) effective ways of responding, trying out a variety of tactics and strategies. They do whatever they can think of in the circumstances of their time and place, wandering into dead ends as the system absorbs and deflects all their well-intentioned attempts. 

After many adventures they are finally forced to conclude that stopping omnicide requires more than isolated acts of resistance. They must pursue something far more comprehensive: fundamental structural social change. With that sober realization, the initial phase of their activity comes to an end (along with this particular story), and they face a new beginning.

A decade ago when this book first came out, the ruling class was floating geoengineering as a possible fix for global warming. Today they're trying to convince us that "green capitalism" is a viable approach. Either way, profit is prioritized over a living planet.

Unfortunately the issues addressed in this story remain relevant, as the Earth continues to be harmed at an ever-intensifying rate. Fortunately increasing numbers of people are seeking (and arguing about) effective ways to respond. Collective efforts to overcome this situation are spreading, widening the possibilities for us to unite in common cause while learning from our inevitable mistakes.