"Wildlife vs. Capitalists" sticker set
"Wildlife vs. Capitalists" sticker set

"Wildlife vs. Capitalists" sticker set

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This is a set of three stickers:
* Alligator eating a golf-playing politician.
* Florida panther eating a phosphate mining company executive.
* Bear eating a land developer.

Each sticker is approximately 3"  on its longest side.

Perfect for indoor use on notebooks, laptops, phones, planners. They are water resistant, but not water proof -- they're fine on water bottles that are hand-washed, as long as they're not put in the dishwasher. They're not appropriate on cars -- they will fade over several months if left outside in constant direct sunlight.

I make these at home with my cutting machine. The backing paper is pretty thin, and to peel it off you need fingernails and a little patience. BUT the stickers themselves are sturdy and once you get them onto something, they look great!

The price includes shipping to anywhere. I may stick a leaflet into the envelope too :D