A Real One

A Real One

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The word “revolution” is so diluted from overuse. A makeover isn’t a revolution. Installing new representatives for the same old system is not a revolution. Even a genuine takeover of power by one class from another is but one (essential) moment in a revolution, which is the process of total transformation of the entire society. No matter how many times liars and manipulators misuse the word and try to change its meaning, we know what it really means and won’t settle for less. We don’t need to compromise to accept their fake revolution; our revolution is The Revolution. The real one. THE Revolution.


Open edition giclée print of original artwork by Stephanie McMillan. Printed on heavyweight matte archival art paper. Signed on the front. Prints are sold unframed, and have white borders of at least 1/2". Sizes refer to the actual paper sizes; all are suitable for standard frames. 

Packaged in a protective sleeve with an acid-free backing board, and shipped in a rigid envelope.

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