Stephanie McMillan

Private sale to Birgit

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11x14: Flamingos Against Fracking: $34
8x8: Dancing with the Ring-Neck Snake: $22
5x7: Mosquito: $14
8x10: Bloodsucking Extortionists: $24
5x7: Storm Bird: $14
8x8: Transformation with Pink Flower and Blue Dots: $22
8x8: Roach Bars: $22
8x8: At the Mercy of This Journey: $22
5x7: We Return to You with Acquired Baggage: $14
8x8: We Will Break Through Your Fences Like They're Not Even There: $22
Original Art:
5x7: Night's Glorious Mystery: $100
8x8: Canary Singing in the Dark: $135

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Shipping for all other items: $87.50
TOTAL: $569.50