The Conscious Universe

The Conscious Universe

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I had two separate visions years ago (and years apart) about the universe. One showed it’s shape and composition — which I can’t figure out how to translate in a painting but is here roughly portrayed by the pink lines, which represent notes of music as the foundation of what the universe is made of. The other was little flying bits of light, which I understood to be the energy flowing through everything.

Someone asked me who or what the characters are. They weren’t planned, but happened. One started in raw rage and terror; the other came to offer healing, love and calmness. The charged connection between them sparks the creation of our Earth, that tangle of green. They are god/angel/demons, as well as facets of ourselves, or elemental forces that run through us. The one above their struggle sees everything impassively, and closes one eye to also look at nothing, or perhaps within. I didn’t know this in advance; it’s just what I observe and think about them after they appeared.


Unframed open edition digital reproduction of my original art, printed with bright long-lasting inks on heavyweight matte archival art paper. Signed on the front, with date and location hand-written on the back. 

Paper sizes 5"x7",  8"x10", 11"x14", suitable for standard frames. Prints have white borders of at least 1/2".

Packaged in a cello sleeve with an archival backing board, and shipped in a protective rigid envelope.

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